Where and how many people speak German?

 German is predominantly spoken in Central Europe, and is the official language of six countries; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. German is spoken by over 132 million speakers worldwide.

How difficult it is to learn the German language?

Many people think that learning German from scratch is almost impossible. However, if you follow proper guidance from experts, then learning German isn’t as hard as you think. Besides, regular practice and determination is the key to success.

Why learn the German language?

There are several good reasons to learn this language;

German is the most spoken mother tongue in Europe.

Learning this language will help you connect with people across the globe.

Knowing German is advantageous for higher education.

It gives you better job opportunities.


Taking a foreign language course is beneficial for people in today’s interconnected world. It’s because the ability to speak multiple languages is an incredible gift to grow both professionally and personally. Learning a new language boosts memory power, strengthens decision-making skills and increases confidence. Moreover, it opens the door to multiple job opportunities and brings better cognitive abilities. Another benefit is establishing a cross-cultural relationship as language and culture are closely connected.


Overall, the ability to speak a foreign language will help you stand apart from the rest. And knowing a language like German will quickly grab the attention of the recruiters too. So don’t think twice, google and enrol yourself for a German language course today!

German is mainly spoken in the Central European region and is the language of roughly 100 million native speakers.

It is a West Germanic language that belongs to the Indo-European language family. Some of the German-speaking countries include Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol (Italy), Liechtenstein and the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

German is one of the widely spoken languages and is the 2nd highest spoken Germanic language after English.

One-tenth of all books, including e-books published across the globe, are from German-speaking nations. German is the 2nd most commonly used scientific language in the world.

Languages such as English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Yiddish, Frisian languages are similar to the German language. The vocabulary of German is mostly derived from the Germanic branch. German words are derived from Latin and Greek.

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